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Compiled by Qamar J.Khan-Malik & Sr. Parveen

(March 2009 / Rabee’al Awwal 1430 AH.)

Green = Specific to men

Blue = Arabic Transliteration

Orange = Eng translation of Arabic

1. Before setting off from home

  • Make Ghusl (full body wash)
  • Trim your nails, and remove your pubic hair.
  • Whatever Salah is due at the time of travel, ensure it has been prayed in full before setting off
  • Read 2 rakaats of Travelling Salah before setting off
  • When going out of your house/hotel, say:


Bismillahi, Tawakkaltu, ‘a-lallahi, wa laa hawla wa laa quwatta illah billah

(In the name of Allaah, I place my trust in Allaah, and there is no might nor power except with Allaah)

  • Read Du’aa of Travelling, before setting off in car


Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Subhaa-nalathee, Sakha-ra-la-naa ha-thaa wa maa kunaa, lahu muq-ri-nee-na wa innaa ilaa rabbinaa la-mun-qa-le-boon

(Allaah is the greatest x3, How perfect He is, The One Who has place this (transport) at our service, and we ourselves would not have been capable of that, and to our Lord if our final destiny.)

  • At a journey break, you may say:


A’uthoo bi-kalimaa tillaah-hitammaa ti-min sharri maa khalaq

(I take refuge in Allaah’s perfect words from the evil that He has created.)

  • NB.During your journey keep yourself in the remembrance of Allah (make dhikr, make dua, read quran, read Islamic Book etc). Remember this is the start of your journey to the House of Allah, and you have been given an invitation from Málik Al-Mulk (Owner and King of all Kingdoms), so Praise and Glorify Him.
  • Once you are a traveller (having left your areas of residence), and the next Salah is due, you can combine and shorten them as this is a concession from Allah.
    • Dhur (2 Rakaats) & Asr (2 Rakaats) together
    • Maghrib (3 Rakaats) & Ishaa (2 Rakaats) together
    • Read as many sunnah/nawafil as you like, there is no restriction.

2. Before passing the Meeqat – (the place where the Umrah starts, and one enters the state of Ihram)

  • Men to get changed into their Ihram (2 pieces of white cloth), preferably after one of the 5 daily prayers
  • Make niyyah (intention) for Umrah


Labbaik Allaahumma ‘Umrah

(Here I am O Allah making ‘Umraah)

  • If one fears that they are likely to be subjected to illness or anything else that might obstruct their Umrah, one may add the following, by doing so if one can not complete the Umrah for whatever reason; then they simply cut their hair and do not have to pay the ransom.


Allaahumma mahillee haithu habastanee

(I come out of the state of Ihraam from the place You prevent me from continuing).

  • Make the Talbiyah (men to raise their voices) and continue making the Talbiyah until you reach the Kaba and start your Tawaf


Labbayk Allahumma labbayk, labbayka laa shareeka laka labbayk, innal-hamda wan-ni’mata laka wal-mulk, laa shareeka lak

(Here I am, O Allah, here I am. Here I am. You have no partner. Here I am. Surely all praise, grace and dominion is yours, and you have no partner.)

3. Entering Masjid Al Haram – (in Makkah, Saudia Arabia)

  • Enter with your right foot
  • Make duaa of the Masjid


Bismillahi, Allallhumma salli ‘alaa muhammadin wa sallim – allaahumma aftah lee abwaaba rahmatika

(In the name of Allaah! O Allaah! Exalt the mention of your Messenger. O Allaah! Forgive my sins, and open the gates of Your mercy for me).

4. Tawaf (7 rounds around the Ka’bah) – You must be in Wudu (ablution)

  • Men to leave their right shoulder bare ONLY during the entire Tawaf, this is called Idtiba’a, after the tawaf men need to cover both shoulders.
  • Start at the Black Stone, either
    • Kiss it if you can, if not
    • Touch it with your right hand, if not
    • Face the Black Stone and point at it with your right hand
  • Say Bismillah, Allahu Akbar (just before kissing it/or just before or whilst touching/pointing)
  • For men, to Raml (hasten/briskly walk) during the first 3 rounds of Tawaf and walk normally during the other 4 rounds.
  • Once you reach the Yamani corner, either
    • Touch it with your right hand (do not kiss it), and say Bimsillah Allahu Akbar
    • or if unable, then continue without gesturing or saying anything
  • From the Yamani corner to the Black Stone recite


Rabbanaa aatinaa fid-dunyaa hasanatan wa feel aakhirati hasanatan wa qinaa ‘adhaaban naar

(Our Lord, grant us good in this life and good in the hereafter and save us from the punishment of the Hellfire. [Quran; 2:201])

  • Once you return back to the Black Stone, you have completed 1 round, and you need to repeat the above steps 6 more times.

  • NB.There is no specific duaa’s that must be read during the Tawaf. Make as many supplications from your heart, for that which will benefit you. Recite whatever you wish, supplicate to Allaah by asking for good, recite the Quran, anything you wish.

5. After Completing Tawaf, proceed to Maqaam-e Ibraaheem – (Prophet Ibraaheem’s station)

  • Recite this verse (which means):


Wattakhidhoo min-maqaami ibraaheema musalla

(And take you (people) the Maqaam (place) of Ibraheem as a place of Prayer. [Quran; 2:125])

  • Pray two short Rak’ahs, as close as conveniently possible behind Maqaam-e Ibraheem. If it is not possible then you can pray them anywhere in the sacred mosque.
    • It is preferred to recite during the first Rak’ah (after Surah Al Fatiha), Surah Al-Kafiroon and
    • during the second Rak’ah (after Surah Al Fatiha) Surah Al-lkhlaas

6. Go to Zam Zam Wells

  • Make duaa before drinking
  • Drink Zam Zam water
  • Pour water over your head
  • Return to the Black Stone touch it with your right hand (as before), if it is not convenient do nothing, and proceed to do Sai.

7. Sai (7 circuits) – having wudu is highly recommended, but not compulsory

  • As you leave the boundary of the Masjid, you can say (as prescribed for all Masaajid):


Bismillahi was-salaatu was-salaamu ‘alaa rasoolillahi, Allahum-ma inee a’-aluka min fadhlika, Allahum-ma a’simnee minash-shaitaanie-rajeem

(In the name of Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allaah. O Allaah, I ask You from Your favour. O Allaah, guard from the accursed devil.)

  • Upon approaching Mount Safaa, the following ayaat (verse) is recited


Innas-safaa wal marwata min sha’aa’irillaahi faman hajjal baita ‘awi’tamara falaa janaaha ‘alaihi an yattawwafa bihimaa wa man tatawwa’a khiran fa’innallaaha shaakirun ‘aleemun

(Verily, As-Safaa and Al-Marwah are from the symbols of Allaah. So it is not a sin on him who performs Hajj or ‘Umrah of the house (ka ‘bah) to perform the going (tawaaf) between them. And whoever does good voluntarily, then verily, Allaah is the All-Recognizer, All-Knower. [Quran; 2:158])


Abda’u bimaa bada’Allahu bihi

(Indeed Safa and Marwah are from the places of worship of Allaah…’ ‘I begin with what Allaah began with.)

  • Then ascend upon Mount Safaa, face the Qiblah, raise your hands and recite 3 times:


Allaahu akbar allaahu akbar allaahu akbar.

(Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest.)


Laa ilaaha illa Allah, Wahdahu laa Sharika lah, Lah ul-Mulk, Wa lah ul-Hamd, Wa huwa ‘ala Kulli shay’in Qadeer, Laa ilaaha illa Allah, Anjaza wa’dah, Wa Nasara ‘abdah, Wa hazam al-Ahzaba wahdah

(There is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, Alone. He has no partner, To Him belongs the kingdom, & all praise belongs to Him, & He has power above all things, There is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, He fulfilled His promise, Granted victory to His servant, And alone He defeated the allied army.)

  • Then you Praise Allah, Send Salaam upon Muhammad (sa) and then make as much personal Du’as as you like. Pray for anything from the goodness of this life and the next, pray for both yourself and others.
  • Then descend from Mount Safaa and go walking towards Mount Marwah
  • When you reach the green sign, men are to hasten their walk for a while, but do not run. Then return to your normal phase of walk at the next green sign.
  • Upon reaching Mount Marwah repeat the same procedure as when ascending Mount Safaa (face the Qibla, raise your hands and repeat what was said on Mount Safaa.) This completes one circuit.
  • Continue and complete in total 7 circuits, ending the last one on Mount Marwah. Enjoy the process. You’ve come all this way, open your heart in glorification and Dua to Allah!
  • NB.There are no particular supplications to be recited between Safaa and Marwah. It is up to the worshipper to praise Allah or supplicate Him in his own words, or he may recite portions of the Our’an.

8. After Completing Sai, Trim/Cut the hair

  • It is recommended for men are to shave all their hair, but they can trim it all the way round
  • Women are to shorten their hair by a finger tip.

Now all Ihraam rules are lifted,and your Umrah is completed. May Allah accept your Umrah, Ameen!!


  • Verifying & Explaining many matters of Hajj, Umrah & Ziyarah In the light of the Quran & Sunnah – Abdul Aziz bin Abdulla bin Baz (Darussalam)
  • How the Prophet (s) Performed Hajj – Abdul Aziz bin Abdulla bin Baz (Maktaba Darussalam, Publishers & Distributors Riyadh (K.S.A))
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  • A Manual on the rites of Umrah, in light of the noble Quran and the authentic Sunnah – Sa’eed bin ‘Alee al-Qahtaanee (Harraf & Harraf, Ilford, Essex)
  • Umrah Leaflet – Muhammad Alshareef (
  • Rites of Hajj & Umrah – Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Albaani (International Islamic Publishing House)



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    • Anyone with a really quick and simple guide specifically for children. I will be taking my children along for the first time, and Insha Allah of many more visits to come – the first one is always the test. The kids are 3, 6 and 9.

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    Ameen to your precious duaa, and may Allah accept mine and my families Umrah, and all those who go untill the end of time. Ameen

    Your sister, Qamar

    ps, I can honestly say I did miss my close sisters while there (including you), with the wish that we could spend this amazing time together.. Inshaa Allah we will all be able to be together in Jannah, and spend as much time as we like togther (with no curfew!) Ameen 🙂

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    • Wa’alaykum asalaam wr wb brother,

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      Once you reach the Yamani corner you do one of the two below,either:

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