Asalaamu’alaykum waRahmatullahi waBarakaatuhu

I am but one of the servants of Allah, striving for His Sake and striving for His Mercy, subhanahu wa ta’ala..

May Allah guide the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu’ alayhiwasalaam), let us stand with him (sa) on the Day of Judgement and have the ultimate reward of all, to be let into Jannah. [Aameen]




      1. Very Dear Muslim
        Assalam o Aaikum

        May Allah bliss you and your family.I pray from Allah,to give you rewards of the all the things you are doing for Islam.
        Plaese send me a list of Islamic web sites.I want to study it in more depth.


        Your brother Muhammad Asif

      2. Wa’alaykum aslaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu!
        Barakallahu feek for your comments, ameen and may Allah give you good in this life and hereafter.
        If you want to study Islam online, I recommend the following website: http://www.sunnahfollowers.net it is an Online Islamic University, they have many different classes — check it out Insha’Allah. Jazaakallahu khair.

      3. Assalam o Aaikum
        Ya Ukhti Masha’Allah wonderful site sunnahfollowers.net is…
        Jazaakallahu khair

        but nways i want to take part in the classes but i cant becoz its giving me a warning sign
        it says “connection failure
        unable to connect to the voice server please check ur internet connetion or try later”

        i already downloaded the programme and unblocked my anti-virus 4 any pop ups
        anyhow i did every thing i even downloaded it again …i dunno mayb i missed something
        pls try to help me out?

      4. Wa’alaykum asalaam sister,
        Thankyou for your comment ^
        Alhamdulillah, yea sunnahfollowers.net is ace!
        don’t know why you can’t sign in, if you did all those steps! do you have Windows Vista? Because currently they are working on making it available for those with Vista, email them – maybe they will be able to help you better…

      5. As salam o alekum…

        is this sister Qamar of adly.net from Leeds?

      6. Wa’alaykum asalaam sister Javeria! Yea that’s me! How you doing? Nice to hear from you… (PS-The webiste is actually called sunnahfollowers.net now!)

      7. Alhamdulilah im great!
        Your blog is excellent Mashallah!

      8. Alhamdulillah! JazaakAllahu khairan, I’m happy you like it.. Stay in touch ok and I pray everything is going good with you. TC

      9. Mashallah little moon. Wonderful blog you have. I am very very proud of you and love you as if you were my own daughter. Keep up the good work and always know that not only are you as beautiful as the moon but you are a shining star as well!

      10. Alhamdulillah.. May Allah reward you for your kind words sister Laila! May Allah give you good in this life and the hereafter. May Allah have mercy on us all and may we all make it to Jannah to abide in there forever.. ~Ameen

      11. Assalaamu’Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu Sis!! I hope through the Divine Mercy & Pleasure of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala that you habibti are well In the Best of Health & Eemaan Insha’Allah!! I pray all is going as Well! I pray that Ramadhan is going extremely Blissful for you, n I pray that you have many reasons to be smiling about!! Sis I know I’ve not been in much contact but sis wallahi your always in this little sisters Adiyah’s & Heart!! ..Subhan’Allah this blog is AMAAAZING!! Masha’Allah May Allah SWT reward you for all your efforts & Raise you amongst the Saaliheen Aameeeeeen!! XxXx I LOVE YOU SIS FEESABILILLAH!! xXxX ur lil sis S 😉

      12. Wa’alaykumasalaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu my lil’ Sis!! Ameen, Wa Iyyakum!! Alhamdulillah, I am fine, and pray you and your family are too.. JazaakAllahu khairan for your lovely comment.. may the one whose sake you love me for, love you back.. (ps-no worries about not being in touch, as long as you are ok inshAllah). If you need anything, give me a shout. ur big sis Q

      13. Asalaamu Alaaikum,

        Beautiful site masha’Allah 🙂

      14. wa’alaykumasalaam my sister Shaykha,
        Thankyou for your comment.
        JazaakAllahu khairan.
        Love your videos on YT, may Allah bless you.ameen

      15. JazaakAllah Khair sister

        Ameen to the dua, May Allah grant you the same,ameen.

        Keep up the good work iA

      16. aww, Alhamdulillah sis my family are also good, & all praise is due to Allah! Barak’Allahu Feeki Sis n Aameen! to your Du’a & Aameen!! to sis Shaykha’s Du’a too! hehe..May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala bless n Reward you Both!..Aameeeeen!! XxX Take Care, WaSsalaamu’Alaykum! ~

      17. wa’alaykum asalaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu!

        ~ ameen ~

      18. assalam alaikum,

        Eid Mubarak, may Allah accept our good deeds and forgive our shortfalls and sins.

        Thanks for linking to LivingHalal.

        May Allah reward you for spreading the teachings of Islam.

      19. Wa’alaykum asalaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu LivingHalal.

        Eid Mubarak to you too, ameen to your du’aa.

        Alhamdulillah, your welcome for linking to your site, how can we not! May Allah reward you for keeping it Halal!


      20. may Allah bless you all ,your site very good.

      21. ameen!

      22. Asalamu Alikum
        In the islam picture are Haram Then why you keep the teddy photo on welcome tab Please understand what I am Saying Click On Welcome Tab go Down You Will find 2Teddy(dolls) what is the use of this picture Please Send me the mail

      23. Wa’alaykum asalaam brother Aziz.

        The picture that you are referring to, I don’t think is a drawing of a human being or an animal, rather a drawing of a cartoon/teddybear. From what I know, there is nothing wrong in Islam to have such images. However, to draw actual human beings or animals, from what I understand – that is forbidden in Islaam, as we are not allowed to draw such things… and Allah knows best.

        If I am wrong,or misunderstood — please kindly, someone correct me. JazaakAllahu khair

      24. 🙂

      25. Allahu Akbar!

        Alhumdulillah! This website is amazing. One of the reasons for this is that all the Da’wah organisations have come together under one ‘blogsite’. That’s what I call unity.

        JazakAllah khair.

      26. Wa Iyyaki sister S. Y.

        May Allah keep the Muslims united upon the Haqq(Truth)!

      27. mashAllah,

        May Allah Bless Your Intentions.

      28. Salaam jaan…just thought i should leave a little a comment to say keep up the good work and i pray Allah swt blesses you with all the goodness of this world and the hereafter.Ameen.

      29. @zfnd – ameen

        @kauser – Wa’alaykum asalaam my sister; Longgg time noo hearrrr.. !! MashAllah, lovely to hear from you, Ameen to you du’aa — may we all be in Jannah together. C U SOON inshAllah..

      30. Asalamu Alikum

        what does islam say about having girlfriends.
        Some of my muslim friends at school have girlfriends. Is this allowed.

      31. Wa’alaykum asalaam ??????,

        No…Islam does not allow “boyfriends” or “girlfriends”. Try and advice your Muslim friends that this is not Islamic, and to refraine from such activity and to befriend their own gender; as dating will cause them ALOT trouble in this life and MORE in the hereafter. And br/sr pls ensure you do not get involved, surround yourself with pious righteous friends.

        For more info: http://muttaqun.com/dating.html

      32. assalamu alaikum,

        mash’Allah, great blog you have! some fantastic links you’ve added!

      33. Wa’alaykumasalaam,

        BarakAllahu feek Akhi

      34. assalamu Alaikum!!!
        want 2 join ur email list so easier for me 2 return 2 this site… lots of things to learn and share to those who are thirsty of knowledge but lack the resources…
        with Allah is your continuous barakah…

      35. Assalamu alaikum to ya all. May The Blessings of The Most High be upon our ummah.

      36. assalamu Alaikum

        in a hadith it states a person is only allowed to mourn over death for 3 days. a women can mourn for 4 months and ten days over the loss of her husband, What does islam state on the period of a husband mourning over the loss of a wife is it 3 days or longer?

        • Wa’alaykum asalaam warahmatullah,

          Yes from what I have studied, that is correct – a person does not mourn over any dead person for more than 3 days, as for wife mourning for her dead husband it is 4 months and 10 days.

          Umm ‘Atiyah reported that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “No woman should mourn for a dead person for more than three days, except for a husband, (in which case the period of mourning is) four months and ten days. …” (Reported by Muslim, 2739).

          But as for husband mourning for his dead wife, as far as I am aware it is 3 days.

          Allahu Alam.

          http://www.islam-qa.com/en/ref/2628/mourning%20wife – for more info

      37. I am MBA in markeitng and want to do masters in Islamic studies is that facility available in your university free of cost and online

        • Asalaamu’alaykum, I am not aware of any free online facility that provides Masters degree in Islamic Studies

      38. Assalamualaykum. It’s nice blog! I’m moeslim from Indonesia.

      39. السلام عليكم
        i am competing in alot of sports in school and clubs and am required to shave below the knee is this permissible in islam

      40. لسلام عليكم
        is it allowed for muslim to greet non muslims with sallam because we are told to reply with walaikum.
        جزاك اللهُ خيراً

        • Wa’alaykum asalaam warahmatullah,

          Akhi please contact your local imam to answer Islamic Questions, or through online Islamic institutes – such as http://www.sunnahfollowers.net.

          Jazak Allahu Khair

      41. Assalamualaikum sis!

        You know the video you made for sister Laila, I thought that a very caring (creative) BROTHER made it for the sister! I always used to think ‘oh! how nice that would be if I had a caring brother like that!!!!’. Loool! I couldn’t stop laughing at myself when I came to know that it was sister Qamar who made that video! Hehe.

        Take care sis! JazakAllah for that info. I hope you’ll have a fantastic Ramadan! Please make dua for me that Allah make things easy for me and plz forgive me if I have ever hurt you in any way or was ill mannered to you. I am very fortunate to have a sister like you. May our sisterhood always stay alive! Ameen.

      42. Assalam alaikum warahamt Allah wabarakatuh

        I hope you are fine sister Al Qamar 🙂

        Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family

        May Allah taala protect you , amin

        wassalam 🙂

      43. Asslamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
        JazaakAllahu Khairan!
        Masha’Allah a gud site 🙂

      44. al hamdulillah…..

      45. May Allah bliss you and your family.I pray from Allah,to give you rewards of the all the things you are doing for Islam.

      46. Assalamualaikum…do we need to be fasting tomorrow Novemeber 22,23 and 24?

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