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Easy Great Deed #3 – Earn a thousand good deeds in Minutes

Asalaamualaykum all,

Inshaa Allah you’re having an outstanding day.

How blessed are we that we are once again witness to the best 10 days of the year – those being the 10 days of Dhul Hijjah. I ask Allah to guide us to become better Muslims, and make us from those who strive hard for His Sake – Seeking His Pleasure, Forgiveness, Love and Mercy. Ameen

Easy Great Deed #3

Earn a thousand good deeds in Minutes!

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: “Is anyone of you incapable of earning one thousand Hasanah (rewards) a day?”

Someone from the gathering asked, “How can anyone of us earn a thousand Hasanah?”

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: “Glorify Allah a hundred times by just saying “Subhanallah” and a thousand good deeds will be written for you, or a thousand sins will be wiped away.”

[Sahih Al Muslim].

Take Action Today!

1. Stop and ponder over the statement “Subhaan Allah” –

  • That Glorified be Allah
  • Allah being above any fault or defect
  • Allah is free from imperfection
  • Veneration of His Majesty
  • How Allah is above every bad thing that is inappropriately attributed to Him. 
  • For more:

2. Ask yourself: Are you in need to invest in good deeds? Are you in need of your sins being wiped away?

3. If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for – make time and remember your Lord in abundance, for the Day will surely come when we will want our Lord to remember us.

A thousand good deeds await you! May Allah accept from us.

Always remember:

The following 2 conditions, as they need to be met for any deed to be accepted by Allah:

  1. It must be done solely and sincerely for Allah SWT, seeking His Pleasure and Reward only.
  2. It must be done in a manner instructed to us by Allah and His Messenger (s) i.e. in accordance to the Quran and the authentic Sunnah, and not by any other way.

Have A Great Evening Guys!



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