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Indeed, after every hardship comes ease.. (HHUGS)

Notes taken from IslamBradford lecture – ‘With Hardship Comes Ease’ by Murtaza Khan & Wajid Malik (27.6.10)

“Indeed, after every hardship comes ease…”
Hadith –
  • “Whoever clothes a naked person in this world, Allah will clothe you from the clothes of Jannah on the day of Judgement.
  • Whoever feeds a hungry Muslim, Allah will give you food from the Jannah on the day of Judgement.
  • Whoever gives water to a thirsty Muslim, Allah will give you a drink from the Jannah on the day of Judgement.”
Subhaan Allah! How easy are these actions to do?
That being, to clothe and give food and drink to those who are less comfortable situations than us – and just look at the great rewards for those who do such actions. Allah has given us more than we need – then, how can we deprive ourselves of such deeds? Where on a Day all of Mankind will be in need of Allah’s help.
The hardships experienced in this life are nothing compared to the hardships of the hereafter. So we must treat others the way we would want Allah SWT to treat us.
Be merciful to others and you will find Allah SWT being merciful upon you.
Do not be from those who later remind people of the good you have done for them – as though you have done them a favour, but rather know these are opportunities that have come your way and are actually huge favours and blessings from Allah upon YOU.
It is you and I who will ultimatley benefit in the long run.
We’ve all been feeling the heat in the recent month, as the weather has been extremely hot – but this is nothing compared to the heat people will feel on the Day of Judgement. On a Day that will be 50,000 years long, on a Day where the sun will be brought near to mankind a mile or two away and people will be submersed in sweat upon the amount of their deeds. Let us not be heedless of this day; and strive hard to be from those under the shade of Allah’s Throne.
“What is the reward of good, except good?”

Hadith –
Reflect upon the man whom the Propeht of Allah (sa) declared to be from the people of Paradise. What action did he do to enable him to earn this status? “Every night, before going to sleep he would forgive whoever has wronged him  and he would remove any bad feelings he had for anyone from him heart”

What a noble act! Let us too, be from those who rid our hearts from such feelings and work on forgiving others in hope Allah The Oft-Forgiving will forgive us.
The righteous people from the past would race to do good deeds. They would strive to be from those who would give the greetings of Salaam to one other before their companion! Today, we find ourselves in a state where a Muslim would give salaam to other Muslim and get no reply! Allahu Musta’an.
Parable of the merchants – what do they do before the end for the day? They count up their money, calculate how much they have sold etc.  So how about the merchants of the Akhirah? They should be more interested in their profit and loss.
So be from the merchants of the Akhirah.

So what now?

Let me introduce you to an organisation  HHUGS, Helping Households Under Great Stress. They are a registered charity that was setup in September 2004 in response to the increasing number of ‘anti-terror’ arrests across the country. They provide practical support and advice to households devastated by the arrest of a family member under UK anti-terror legislation, such as:
  • Household help
  • Emotional Support
  • Childcare
  • Transporting families to Prison visits
  • Payment of school fees
  • Media advice and support
  • Arranging professional/specialist help and assistance

This is a great opportunity for you and I to get involved in; as ask you to:

  1. Make duaa
  2. Tell others about HHUGS
  3. Donate – Make a standing order donation
  4. Become a Volunteer

They would be grateful for any support that you can give.

Jazakumallahu khair, please forward this so others can also put their hand in making a difference and help raise awareness of this obligation we owe.

Today –  it is them, but Tomorrow – It really could be you…

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