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Those embarking upon Hajj are embarking upon a Journey of life time – a Journey like none other! They must prepare mentally, physically, emotionally and most importantly spiritually. Allah says:

“And take a provision (with you) for the journey, but the best provision is At-Taqwa (piety, righteousness, etc.).
So fear Me, O men of understanding!” (Quran 2:197)
So what ever you do don’t leave this behind!

Below a list has been compiled for preparation before leaving for Hajj:

  • Islamic things to learn
  • Islamic things to do
  • General things to do
  • Issues and Questions to ask our Travel Agent
  • Things to take/buy

Islamic things to learn

  • What is Hajj, its history
  • Why are we going to perform Hajj
  • What are the rewards of Hajj
  • How to perform Hajj – its pillars, obligatory and sunnah actions (books, audio, videos, seminars) – the Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “Take yor hajj rites from me”
  • Learn the Hajj dua’s
  • What violates the state of Ihram
  • Review our Namaz (Salah)
    • Ensure it is being performed as the Prophet Muhammad (S) instructed us to
    • What are the Pillars, obligatory and Sunnah actions of Salah
    • Sujood of forgetfulness (if we miss out an obligatory action)
  • Review our Wuzu (Wudu)
    • A man was making wudu all his life, and at the age of 40 learnt how to do it and realised he was doing it wrong all his life! knowledge is the key to success
    • What are the pillars, obligatory and Sunnah actions of Wudu
  • Ettiquettes of Duaa
  • Wiping over our socks instead of washing your feet for wudu (know its rulings)
  • Tayammum – when one does not have access to water (know its rulings)
  • Janaza Salah
  • Learn how to perform Witr prayer
  • Learn how to pray in congregation
  • Learn the rulings to the Travellers prayer

Islamic things to do

  • Update/Make an Islamic Will
  • Build on and improve on our ibadah (worship)
    • 5 daily prayers on time
    • Build our relationship with Allah, seeking alot of forgiveness and making alot of dua (especially asking Allah to grant us an Hajj Mabrur (accepted Hajj)
    • Purify our hearts from any bad habits or any action displeasing to Allah
    • Purify our tongues – by speaking good, reduce idle talk and increase in dhikr
    • Try and fast (e.g. Mon & Thu / middle 3 days of month / every other day)
    • Try and pray Tahajjud (the night prayer)
  • Build on your Taqwaa
    • Learn what is Taqwaa:
      • Being conscious of Allah that He is watching us /Fearing Allah /Staying away from all that He has forbidden, etc.
      • Learn how to attain it:
        • Reciting the Quran and reflecting upon its meaning and implementing them /Learn about Jannah and Jahannum, etc.
    • Increase our Emaan (faith)
      • constantly renew your intentions to why you are going for Hajj – it is a duty we owe to Allah, we are going to please Allah alone
      • The 5 pillars of Islam and 6 articles of Faith
      • Who is Allah and what rights does He have over us
    • Build on being patient
      • maintain a positive attitude
      • say Alhamdulillah for the good and bad
      • think of those in worse situations
      • make dhikr and istighfar when in difficult situation
    • Increase on your love for Allah and His Nabi (S) by studying:
      • Seerah: The life of the Prophet Muhammad (S) – book/audio/videos
      • The history of Makkah and Medina
      • The stories of the Sahaba and how they sacrificed their everything for Islam (their wealth, health, status, time and even lives)

    General Things to do

    • Pay off any outstanding debts (if possible)
    • Make peace with those we have had a misunderstanding, dispute or fallen out with, or are not on speaking terms etc.
    • Ask forgiveness from those whom we have wronged (remember a Muslim should not let 3 days go by without giving salaam to their fellow Muslim)
    • Finish all important jobs and tasks that need doing before leaving for Hajj
    • Book with a Travel agent
    • Photographs for VISA
    • Process and obtain VISA
    • Vaccinations, Meningitis Jab, Flue Jab etc – and obtain certificates for them

    Questions and Issues to ask our Travel Agent

    • Get references from others for the travel agents
    • Flight dates / journey
    • What’s the itinary / program
    • How many bathrooms per room?
    • On which floor is our room?
    • Do the rooms have air conditioning, fridge?
    • Do the receptionists speak English?
    • During the Hajj days, what type of food will be provided to us?
    • Hotel names
    • When will we move to Azziyah?
    • What which day will our group go to Makkah to perform Tawaf Ifadah? Is transport provided
    • How far is our Hotel from Masjid al haram and Masjid an nabawi?
    • What are the arrangements for our Animal Sacrifice (Hady)?
    • Does anyone in our group speak English, who will translate the hajj khutbah to us?
    • What airline are we flying on?

    There are many more questions one can ask, please refer to the book “Getting the best out of Al Hajj” – written by Ustadh Ismail Davids (publisher company – Darrusalaam)

    Things to take / buy

    Below are just suggestions of things to take with you to Hajj. They are not all necesary items – individually pick and choose what you feel is best suitable. Don’t forget to pack bags of  Taqwaa, Patience and your best of manners/behaviour! You will soon be a guest of Allah at His House!

    Hand Luggage – Essentials to take (Max 5kg, Dimensions: H 56cm x W 45cm x D 25cm)

    Advise – Everybody has black suitcases, so try and take one that is not black OR have a fluorescent tape /tag /ribbon attached so its easily recognisable.

    • Men – Ihram & correct footwear, to change into before the Meeqat
    • mobile phone
    • face towel
    • Passport, Tickets
    • Photocopy of Passport and emergency contact numbers.
    • sunglasses
    • Pocket Qur’an, Dua book, Hajj/Islamic books
    • Pen, pencil (with rubber) and notebook
    • MP3 Player/iPhone
    • Suitable Footwear (slippers) to change into if feet begin to ache during our travels
    • Money in money pouch

    Money Tips – Budget how much you will need to take

    • Damm/Fidya Azza – for missing any wajibaat actions or any other violations
    • Sadaqah / Udhiya (Qurbani)
    • People you want to buy a present for (make a list of their names prior to going)
    • Spending money – for general items, food etc

    Main Luggage – (Max 23kg, Dimensions: H 90cm x W 75cm x D 43cm)


    • Linen Jilbabs/underslip
    • Linen Trousers
    • Under shameez
    • Light weight cardigan
    • Hijab – similar colour as group
    • Hijab caps
    • Pull over Hijab (i.e. no need for pins)
    • Underwear / socks
    • slippers, trainers
    • Extra Ihram for men
    • Ihram – big safety pin
    • Money belt

    Bathroom/Toiletres Bag

    • Nail clipper
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpicks
    • Toilet rolls / Tissue packets
    • Small scissors
    • Vaseline
    • Small mirror
    • Hair brush
    • Razors
    • Tweezer
    • Towels (1 medium and afew small)
    • hair bobbles
    • mini soap holder
    • black seed oil

    Simple Range (no perfume)

    • All in one – Shower gel and shampoo
    • Suncream
    • Moisteriser cream
    • Face wash
    • Diodrant
    • Soap (cut in half for hajj days)


    • Sleeping bag, sheet, inflatable pillow/neck pillow
    • Small stringed bags (for shoes, for sleeping bag etc.)
    • Small pouch – for Jamarat stones
    • umbrella
    • small flash light
    • Travel alarm clock
    • Extra set of batteries
    • Laundary detergent / soap
    • black bin liners, carrier bags
    • Universal adapter
    • Mobile Phone (with and without camera) – buy Saudi sim from there
    • Phone charger
    • Measuring tape
    • Industrial & clear sellotape
    • Perm Marker Pen
    • String
    • air freshener
    • hangers
    • Spray bottle – can be used for wudu and if feeling hot
    • Radio to hear khutbah in Arafat (Nokia ex prem radio+torch) / portable TV to watch the khutbah live!
    • Plastic zippered sandwich bags – to keep items secure and dry, e.g. food stuff, duaa books, first aid – instead of everything thrown into bottom of your bag
    • Flip Flops for hotel for bathroom
    • Small pocket knife
    • Foldable stick and chair – for the elders
    • Flattened cardboard boxes/ Pre-printed Address Labels – if going to Medina first, you can buy your dates/books etc, box it up and cargo it back to your country
    • Spare Luggage tags
    • Padlocks & Keys
    • Ear plugs/buds – to help if people in your group snore
    • Straw mat – you can buy from Saudi
    • Blow up matress

    1st Aid/Medicine

    • Throat lozenges
    • Pain killers – Paracetamol 500mg and Ibuprofen 400mg
    • Antibiotics – Amoxycilin/erythromycin for sore throats, ciproxin for chest infections (buy in Saudi)
    • Loperamide Caps for diarrhoea
    • Clotrimazole Cream 1% (especially handy for men after Ihram, skin irratations on thighs are common)
    • Travel Sickness Tablets such as Stugeron or Kwells
    • Aches & Pains/Muscle cramp/Pain relieving creams e.g. Deep heat (scented) or Ibuleve gel (non-scented)
    • Cream/balm eg E45 – for cracked skin on heels
    • Plasters, bandages, Safety Pins
    • Cough medicine – Pholcodine for dry coug, Glycerin & Blackcurrent Linctus
    • Headache/Migraine Tablets (Migraleave)


    • Energy drink – powder to put into water e.g. Lucozade
    • Energy tablets – Lucozade, Berocca, Dextro Energy or Glucotabs
    • Snacks e.g. snack bars, dark chocolate, nuts, biscuits etc
    • Sweetner for tea (for diabetics)
    • Mints / Chewing gum
    • Vitamin tablets – take daily (Vitamin C)
    • Teabags and small kettle (if you prefer to make your own tea, this is for outside the days of Hajj!)
    • Disposable spoons, plates etc.

    Islamic Resources

    • Mini Hajj guide
    • Dua list – personal
    • Dua list – other pple
    • Duas from the Hadith and Quran
    • Hajj reminders – for when in Mina/Arafat,etc. – to keep us focussed on why we are here
    • Light weight Prayer Mat
    • Contact Cards – to give to your fellow Hajji you met and want to stay in touch
    • Wudu Mate (bottle for istinja)
    • Qibla Compass

    Bag/Rucksack – (for Hajj days – Mina, Arafat, Muzdelifah)

    Essential items to put in it and not to forget:

    • sleeping bag,sheet,pillow
    • underwear,socks
    • snacks
    • flask for water
    • extra clothing
    • toiletrees – cream,towel,water spray bottle
    • radio
    • stones bag
    • carriar bags
    • small scissors
    • pocket quran,dua book

    Everyday Bag – (from hotel to masjid, Mina to Jamarat)
    To carry items such as – money, water bottle, pocket Quran and duaa book, etc.



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