Posted by: alqamardesigns | May 17, 2009

Some Wisdoms & Benefits for the one going through Trials, Tribulations & Adversaries

Part 1

“Be content with Allah (SwT) has decreed for You, & You will be the richest person.”

“Put Your Trust & Reliance upon Al-Hayy (SwT) – The Ever-Living- Who will  never die.”

“When distress strikes & calamities appear one after another, then say: ‘La ilah ila Allah’.”

“Sickness is a message in which there is Glad Tidings, & good health is a garment that has a price.”

“Count Allah (SwT’s) Blessings upon You, not Your problems.”

“Wherever You go & find darkness in Your life, just light the Lamp within Yourself.”

“If You have made mistakes in the past, learn from them, then let them go.”

“Life is short, don’t make it shorter by worrying.”

“Prayer is guarenteed to bring Tranquility & chase away worries.”

“Leave the opressor to the court of the Hereafter, where there will be none Save Allah Al-Malik (SwT).”

“The Happiness of the Believer rests upon Loving Allah (‘AwJ), & Loving for His (SwT’s) Sake brings Greater, Deeper and Sweeter Happiness known only to Sincere Believers, who do not accept any substitute for it.”

“A Smile does not cost anything, but it gives a great deal.”

“Glory is not granted except to those who always dreamed of it.”

Part 2

“When there is a violent storm, the seas are turbulent, the earth becomes narrow & constricted, caravans are lost, paths are filled with obstacles & dangers, plans end in failure, doors are shut, disaster, distress, calamities strikes, all hope is lost, call out ‘Ya Allah!’…..

‘Is it not He Who responds to the distress one, when he calls upon Him…’ [Surah An-Naml: 62]

– ‘Whosoever is in the Heavens and upon the Earth begs of Him, every day He has a matter to bring forth’ [Surah Ar-Rahman: 29]

….& thereby be hopeful & optimistic, even if You are in the eye of the storm”!

“Don’t give up on Yourself, as change is slow, there will be obstacles, do not let them defeat You”

“Don’t let anyone know of Your problems, Except to those who can Assist, Advice & have Taqwa”.

“Stop thinking about the sin, think about the Good Deeds which You are going to replace it by, & will be an expiation”.

“If every man & jinn tried to bring back the past, they certainly will fail. Everything upon the Heavens & Earth marches forward, so should You”.

“Cast away all discouraging thoughts that make Yourself helpless, but focus on success, then You will not fail”.

“Prepare for the worst, then You’ll feel & see things are better than you thought.”

“Give up all daydreams that are not True in Your Efforts & Abilities”

“Control Your thoughts, & You’ll be Happy”

“Learn to co-exist with fear, & eventually it will disappear”

“He who sows the wind, reaps the storm”

“Avoid slander, backbiting, as You avoid the plague”

“Seek out death for the Sake of Allah (SwT), & You shall be granted life”

“The coward dies many deaths, & the brave one dies only once…”


Compiled by Ustadh Abu Hasan

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