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Some Wisdoms & Benefits of Trials, Tribulations & Adversaries

Part 1

“…It may well be that You dislike something in which Allah has placed in it much Khayr (good and benefit).” [Surah An-Nisa; 19]

The Messenger (SA) said: “The Believer is not afflicted with illness or hardship, even if it be a worry that troubles him, or a thorn that pricks him, except that his sins would be expiated as a result of it.” [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]

He (SA) said: “..Man will be tested according to the Strength of his Eman..the believer will be continually tested untill he walks upon the Earth with all his sins Forgiven.” [Al-Bukhari]

He (SA) also said: “The example of the believer is like the stem fresh tender plant, the wind causing it to bend sometimes, fall over sometimes & stands upright at others untill it withers and dies”. [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]

Part 2

‘Ali (RA) said: “Son of Adam! Do not rejoice at wealth & do not despair at poverty. Do not become hopeless at the onset of tribulations, & do not rejoice at the onset of ease, for gold is refined through fire, & Righteous Servants is refined through tribulations. You will not attain what You want Except by leaving what you desire, & You will not reach what You Aspire to, Except through Sabr (Patience), So expend all Your efforts in carefully fulfilling the duties made obligatory upon You.”

Imam Al-Gazzali said: “If You see Al-‘Asees Al-Hakeem (SwT), holding back this world from You, frequently trying You with adversity & tribulations, Know that You hold A Great Status with Him (‘AwJ). Know that He (‘AwJ) is with Yourself as He (SwT) does this with His Awliya (Friends) & chosen elite, & is Watching over You. Have You not heard His (SwT’s) saying: “Thereby wait Patiently (& Steadfastly) for the Judgement of Your Rabb, You are Cartainly before Our Eyes. [Surah At-Tur,48]? Therefore acknowledge this Great Favour upon You!”

Specific Benefits:

  1. Realising & Acknowledging the Greatness of Allah (SwT), Specifically His (SwT’s) Rububiyyah (Lordship & His All- Emcompassing Power)
  2. Realising & Acknowledgment of ones insufficiency & thereby Submitting to Him (Swt) Humbly Attaining Sincerity
  3. Turning back to Him (‘AwJ) alone in Repentance & Istighfar
  4. Seeking Assistance from Him (SwT) alone
  5. Achieving Hilm (Forberance; not hasting…)
  6. Opportunity to Worship Allah (SwT) through Patience & Steadfastness
  7. Chance to be Grateful.. “How many hidden Blessings Under the veil of trials & tribulations?!!” SubhanAllah! Allahu Akbar!! Al-Hamdo Lillahi Rabb Al-‘Alameen!!


Compiled by Ustadh Abu Hasan

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