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Supporting Al Fitrah’s Many Projects and gaining all the rewards of every single deed


Brothers and Sisters As-salaamu ‘Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

Help support the Da’wa and you could also have a free Nokia N96.

Purely for the sake and pleasure of Allah forward this email to everyone on your mailing list and you get the rewards of their donation as well insha’Allah. Especially if one of them needs a new mobile phone.

Would you like to win a Brand New Nokia N96 Mobile Phone??? Yes of course you would! And who wouldn’t in this fragile economical climate! Unfortunately the credit crunch hasn’t only affected the business world but the dawa too!

Al Fitrah has always prided itself in its ability to be at the forefront of helping raise funds for all types of worthwhile causes…from raising funds for the local masjid extension, investing in youth projects aiming to help our young up and coming Muslim as well as global projects such as re building Gaza and our beloved orphan project.

Today this email isn’t calling you to the projects we collaborate on but an email asking for a little help from our friends for Al Fitrah itself. Our bills have piled up while we were busy all year helping other charities and our projects are threatened. We are a small and humble organisation which started off in the back shed! Alhamdhulilah through contributions, sacrifice and efforts by our brothers, families and local community we have managed to establish and equip ourselves to go beyond the shed producing events, workshop, seminars and youth projects as well as national projects. In turn these projects have their many demands and there are many bills to pay!

The da’wa belongs to Allah thus we run it for His sake and spend for His sake.

We need your support to help us in order to make sure we can still help those who are desperately in need, no doubt Al Fitrah will have carried out Sadaqa Jariya work encouraging others to gain theirs! Now is the time for you out there to share these good deeds with us.

Can you imagine every single good we do through the Al Fitrah projects now and for years to come insha’Allah you will gain all those rewards as well just by being a part of this campaign even with just £2. Can you afford NOT to be a part of THIS many good deeds?

Click this link to read more and find find out about the amazing projects that Al Fitrah are currently undergoing.

Be a part of it with just £2 as we the believers are like bricks one supporting the other else look at the rewards you might miss out on when you may need them most:

So come on people! Are you willing to donate “just” a small amount in return for the chance to win a Brand New Nokia N96 mobile phone worth
350+! Come on try it, it could be yours, the highest donation will win the prize. Please donate the smallest amount, anything from £2 upwards….., you will win either way!

Click on this link to find out how you can win the phone and to be involved in a priceless sadaqah jaariyah.

How does it work? Easy!

1. Donate any amount towards this sadaqa jaariya

2. Watch this page to see if anyone donates more than you

3. Come back and increase your donation by adding more (we will add up multiple donations by one person)

4. Keep doing this until we meet our deadline making sure your donation is the largest. As-sabiqoon us-Sabiqoon (those who compete to do good are nearest to Allah)

5. When we hit our target of 10,000 we will see who made the largest donation and they will win the free prize worth £350+

You can also help yourself win by getting more people to make small donations so we can reach the target quickly before someone else comes donating more than you.

Think of it like this if you get 5000 people to give £2 each and you give £3 you win the phone worth £350+

Nokia N96 Full Spec =

Thanks for visiting.

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It’s also the most efficient way to sponsor me: If you’re a UK taxpayer Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid plus a 3% supplement are added to your donation.

Please Donate Any Amount –

Please pass this link on purely for the sake and pleasure of our Lord all High.

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