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My Umrah Visit March/April 2009

Assalāmu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmathullāhi wa Barakāthuhu

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I have just uploaded the pictures taken during our amazing visit to the Holy Lands (Makkah & Medina, in Saudia Arabia) in March/April 2009; where my parents and I embarked upon the greatest journey of our lives so far, for Umrah (Inshaa Allah Hajj is next!).  I’m still suffering from HWS (Haramein Withdrawal Symptoms) and I think it will take a very long time to recover! I’d rather not recover, and inshaa Allah forever keep those moments close to my heart, I don’t ever want to forget my 2 weeks there and loose that special feeling, thinking back now, it all just seems like a dream.. it was the best 2 weeks of my life, it was the life I always dreamt of living and being the person I always dreamt of being…  You can only but smile, and remember how much peace you were at there, and how everyone strove hard to seek the Pleasure and Forgiveness of their Lord SWT; and now that we have returned back to our “homes”, we must inshaa Allah continue striving and praying for that day we take our steps into Jannah.

O Allah please accept our Umrah and our Ibadah, and make us from Ahl Jannah, Ameen.

Masjid Al Haram – Makkah, Saudia Arabia

Makkah, Saudia Arabia

Masjid An-Nabawai – Medina, Saudia Arabia

Medina, Saudia Arabia

During our stay in Makkah we visited:

During our stay in Medina we visited:

Graveyard at Uhud & Mount Uhud (Near Medina)

Mount Uhud (near Medina)

Masjid Al Quba (Outside Medina)

Masjid Al Quba (outside Medina)

I do not even know where to begin to explain how amazing my journey to Umrah was, each person shared their own special moments being a guest of Allah in His House. I had an absolutley spectacular time, what a journey Indeed, even if I try to explain it.. I will not be able to do it any justice.. those who have been will understand what I mean, it is a place you can not describe how it truely beautiful it is.. one can only truely experience and realise once they are there…Every hour spent there was an adventure…and so unique…and such a challenge – not just physcially, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course your patience is tested throughout your stay there!!

As soon as we departed from Medina to Jeddah airport, making our way back to the UK…. I looked around..and I just knew things will not be the same was asthough we were leaving another world .. although I am now back in the UK … my heart will always remain in Makkah & Medina, this place feels so alien to me, I look around and everything around me is so strange and doesn’t seem real….I am guessing everyone goes through this feeling, Allahu Musta’an!

May Allah have mercy on us,forgive us and guide us to live righteous lives in obidience to him…

May Allah accept from all those who went for Umrah and all those who go until the end of time…

I ask Allah to invite us back to His House very soon,and invite all those who have not yet been…

I ask Allah to call us all for Hajj, enabling us to fulfil this big obligation we owe to Him SWT, and to have an accepted Hajj. Ameen

I can’t stress it enough, you will not truely know how amazing it is, untill you go! and your life will never be the same once you return! It is a place where you truely feel at peace and so close to Allah, and you realise your true reason of existing, .. I ask Allah to keep our hearts steadfast upon His Deen, Alhamdulillahi Rabil Alameen, I end with:

Ashadu an La elaha illlah, wa ashadu anna Muhammadur RasoolAllah.



  1. MashaAllah

    It was amazing just going through the pictures.

    May Allah swt accept your Journey and your Duas.


  2. I hope u didn’t forget to make dua for me!………just kidding!

  3. assalam aliakum

    You went to Hajj locations (jamara/Arafa) out of the season ha? 🙂

  4. Ameen ya Rabb.
    It seems so nice! I can’t wait to go one day Insha’Allah. The sky looks so beautiful
    May Allah (swt) accept all your and your families good deeds ameen.


  5. wa’alaykum asalaam warahmatullah,

    @Dear sister Sultana, you know I actually did make duaa for you specifically! Alhamdulillah, may Allah accept

    @HalfDate, yea mashaa Allah we went as part of the Tour Visits…it was very interesting.. and rather educational,although I could not fully understand the tour brothers all the time! May Allah reward them with goodness, Ameen.

  6. @Dearest Tayba, Ameen Rabil Alameen!

    I pray Allah invites you to His House veryyy sooonnn, and you experience how amazing it is there, Ameen.

    The sky there is just out of this world, as well as most things!

    See you next week inshaa Allah.

  7. Insha’Allah see you next week 🙂

  8. Allahu Akbar! What an amazing experience. Your experience of Umrah only increased me in Iman and taqwa and made me want to strive even harder to be deserving of Allah’s mercy, to be a true mu’min.

    I will always love you my little sis; my role model and my friend.

    May we be of the true successors on the day of judgement.

    May your umrah be accepted.

    May Allah call us for Hajj 🙂 together,
    you and I and other muslims. Ameen.

    Love you dear sis, for the sake of Allah.

  9. @ My Fatou, Ameen! May the one whose sake you love me for, love you.

    Wouldn’t it just be amazing if you, Lola & I all met up and did our Hajj the same year?

    Allahu ‘Ala Kulli Shayin Qadir!
    (Allah is able to do all things)

  10. Ameen! Ameeeen! May Allah accept your umrah & your duas sister! Ameen.

    JazakAllah khair for remembering me sis. You know yesterday only because when I saw there are pictures as well I became too emotional, it brought tears in my eyes. You know why? SubhanAllah from a very young age I wanted to go there. My parents have been for umrah and hajj but I still haven’t been though I insisted and cried 4 it. Anyway, there must be somthng gud in it. Allah knows best. JazakAllah 4 evrythng sister.

  11. Assalaamualykum

    Subhanallah! Jazakillah for sharing your wonderful expeirence with us! i’m sure these are the days of your life which will never be forgotten. May Allah accept from you and your family and all those that did Umrah with you and may he send us all our invite to go very very very very very soooooooon!!! Ameen!

    • @ Sister Sameha,

      Wa’alaykum asalaam warahmatullah! Ameen, BarakAllahu feeki! Inshaa Allah your Umrah Gift will be in the post tmrw!

  12. May Allāh –سبحانه وتعالى – Accept Your Hajj as Hajj Al-Mabrūr, and Sa’yan Mashkūr, and Dhanban Maghfūr. And resurrect Yourself amongst the Hujjāj! Allāhumma Ameen!

    May He Ar-Ramān –سبحانه وتعالى – grant us all the ability and guidance to answer the call and Du’a of Ibrāheem – عليه السلام-, make us His guest repeatedly to see His signs; in order to tranquil our hearts, increase our closeness and most importantly, in order for us to Manifest and Establish His (SwT’s) Thawheed upon the Earth! Allāhumma Ameen!

    A Believer must also make Intentions and take the necessary means to visit Masjid Al-Aqsā, as the Messenger – صلى الله عليه وسلم- Said:

    “Do not undertake a journey (for pilgrimage) Except to three Masājid; this Masjid of Mine, the Masjid of Al-Haram, and the Masjid Al-Aqsā”

    [Bukhāri, Muslim]

    May Allāh –سبحانه وتعالى – grant us the determination, patience and the ability to visit and pray in Masjid Al-Aqsā, and also make us a means to free and cleanse it from His (Swt’s) enemies!
    Allāhumma Ameen!

    Jazākumullāhu Khayan!

    Wassalāmu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmathullāhi wa Barakāthuhu

    • Wa‘alaykum wa Rahmathullāhi wa Barakāthuhu Br Abu Hasan,

      Jazak Allahu khair for your comment on my blog! Ameen to your duaa. Thankyou for the reminder about Masjid Al Aqsa. I pray 1 day I can visit and make salaat in Masjid Al Aqsa – and give my salaams to our Palestinian Brothers & Sisters.

      During my stay in Medina, I met an amazing Palestinian Sister. Mashaa Allah, what strength these people have, both her parents were Shaheed (inshaa Allah), along with 2 other family members – yet she just kept saying “Alhamdulillahi Rabil Alameen”. She could speak alittle English so we had a lengthy conversation – about many topics, I told her I loved her for the sake of Allah and that her brothers & sisters in the UK make duaa for the people of Palestine and please do not think we have neglected you – I could see the sadness in her eyes, yet so much strength, tabarakAllah. I ask Allah to bless her and her people, and keep them upon Sirat Al Mustaqeem. Ameen

  13. Aww Ma’shAllah!!! It looks absolutely amazing…i cant wait to go there…may Allah Subhanatala make it a reality for me very soon.

    Cant wait to see you sis, love you loads


    • @ Kauther, Ameen, I pray you get to go realll soooon!

      Can’t wait to see you too…. your Dates from Medina & ZamZam Water are awaiting!

  14. Assalamu Alaikum, Sis Qamar. Though I can’t view your pictures (site blocked here in the UAE), I can feel the journey through your words. MashaAllah, such an amazing journey indeed! May Allah accept your umrah.

    My family and I are leaving for our first Umrah this Thursday, InshaAllah.

    How’s the crowd during this time of the year?

    • Wa’alaykum asalaam warahmatullah sister Nadia from the UAE, mashaa Allah.

      Ameen, Jazakillahu khair!

      Wow, your going Umrah in 4 days!!!! Subhaan Allah!!!! I hope you have the best time ever (which you will without a doubt inshaa Allah).

      I pray Allah accepts from you and your family yours Umrah, all your Ibadah, duaa and actions. Ameen

      RE: crowds, as I haven’t been before I’m not sure how to compare it to other parts of the year, but when I went I would say it was not that busy as the crowds were manageable. I don’t recall being pushed, but then again hehe when your queing up in Medina to get into Masjid An-Nabawi don’t be suprised if you get pushed by 2-3 old ladies 🙂

      *SABR, SABR, SABR!
      *Keep focussed on why you are there, to seek the pleasure of Allah – you will come across many testing times so remain patient and good manners, and your reward is with Allah.
      *Seek all opportunities to do good deeds, Quran, Dhikr, Sunnah Prayers, Duaa, Drink as much Zam Zam water (believe me once your back you will miss it so much), Darood Shareef, Sadaqah, smile and give greetings of Salaam to the Muslims you come across, etc.
      *Try and fast mondays/thursdays
      *Try and pray Tahajjud
      *VERY IMPORTANT – Learn all you can about the Umrah and how it is done in accordance to the Authentic Sunnah, believe me once you are there, it is just you and the knowledge you have gained, you will see many people doing things contray to the Sunnah which is very sad and a test in itself.. so any questions you have which are you unsure of ask them to the people of knowledge, so that once you are there you know what to do and what not to do!
      *Take some snacks with you, like nuts, cereal bars etc so you can put some in your bag whilst you are out – as there are times you may get peckish in the masjid
      *And most of all, ENJOY YOUR SELF, there is no place on this earth more peaceful than Makkah & Medina.. !

      All the best my sister, let us know how it all went when you return.

      Your sister, Qamar

  15. May Allah bless you, Sis Qamar! Those tips you’ve provided are amazing, SubhanAllah – exactly what I needed!

    I am also taking a printout of the Umrah guidelines with supplications. You have done an amazing job in putting those together, MashaAllah. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

    • Ameen sister Nadia – may Allah accept from us and you,

      Glad the tips were of some use, I could go on and on and on about the experience! TabarakAllah!

      That Umrah Guide/Dua compilation was done after abt 3-4 weeks of thorough research alhamdulillah, my dear sister Parveen really helped me and used to quizz me, and we gathered loads of questions we needed clarrification on, which we got answered alhamdulillah – untill I was totally confident, well as confident as one can be! I finished that Umrah Du’as Leaflet just hours before leaving, and printed them off!

      Allahu Akbar, have an amazing time, enjoy every moment sis – it will change your life forever!!!

  16. Dear sister INSHALLAH i will go for UMRAH this year by the end of March . Plz can u tell me what is the weather in March . Is it warm ? cold ???

    • Assalaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu Sister Sana,

      When I went last year March, the weather was very hot about 30-40. only time i felt “alittle” cold breeze and that was in Medina, at Fajr time, I wore a thin cardigan on my jilbab. other than that, its warm warm and very warm 🙂

      Tip: wear linen jilbabs, I found it to be the best material!

      May Allah accept your umrah, ameen.

      (If you can, no worries if you forget) please make dua that Allah calls me back to His House… and that Allah grants my father a house in Jannah-tul Firdos, he passed away 3 months after we came back from Umrah – rahimullah.

      Takecare sister, and have a great time.

      your sister

  17. Assalamu alaykum.
    We r deciding to go for ummrah next month it means in april with my 3 kids one is 7 one is 5 n the last one is 2 n half years old n my mother in law with a wheel chair so cant finalised to go is it okay n can we manage with all of them hows it going can u just reply n suggest will be a pleasure mine.
    Your sister.

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