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The Little Companions of Palestine Project



As we are all well aware of the current situation of Palestine.  Over 1500 killed, 5000 injured and nearly 1million homeless. Current events have generated some of the worst conditions man has witnessed in recent history.

With this situation ahead of us, it’s important some effort is made to reach out to the children who have survived the killing. These are children that are at the very least emotionally scared from being witnesses to such devastation, and thus IslamBradford is working with Masjid Al Aqsa to provide some level of emotional support for these children.

Our intervention is a simple one, to reach out to them and show them that the children in Bradford (and any other city that wishes to join the growing list, which now includes; Leeds, Bolton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bury, London) care for them, and are learning about the land which they are losing their lives for.

Therefore IslamBradford have established a three tier project:

Tier 1

To give every participating Madarsah/School a children’s wall chart which, explains the value of Palestine in Islam, and provides some historical overview of the situation in a child friendly manner. The focus being to provide the Madarsah/School teachers with a tool to educate their children about Palestine.

Tier 2

We have established a competition to capture the children’s imagination. The competition will be to do a drawing/ design, depending on the age of the person, on Palestine. The competition will be judged by the Mudaris of Masjid Al Aqsa and there will be some great prizes from a laptop to a collection of books.


Tier 3

We want each competition entry to be accompanied with a donation towards Palestine, thus entries to the competition will only be accepted with a completed Donation Form, with which they need to collect funds. We want the children to feel involved (even if the donation is £1 … or £1000!)

This project needs your support, and therefore we ask all to try and get involved, and work with their local Madarsah/Schools to encourage them to join the project too. For further details please our Information Brochure.

Campaign Packs

For all institutes participating (Madarsah/Schools, etc), please contact us on 01274 395521 / 07973518975 to request for a Free Campaign Pack. The pack will contain:

An Information Brochure, a Poster, a Wall Chart to display in your institute and a small quantity of Donation Forms for you to photocopy.

Individuals who would like to purchase a Wall Chart please contact us. (Size A3 is to be sold for £5, and size A2 for £8.)

All Proceeds To Gaza.

Wall Chart

Wall Chart


Information Brochure

Wall Chart


Donation Form

How To Enter?

All you have to do is according to your age group design what has been stated to the best of your ability. Once completed, make sure you add your name, address, phone number, email and all your parents details and return it by the deadline (5th April 2009), to the address: IslamBradford, PO Box 835, Bradford, BD9 6WW.

How Will The Winner Be Announced?

The winner will be announced by Mudaris Bakr of Masjid Al Aqsa (Palestine) on the IslamBradford website and will be contacted directly.


For More Information Please Contact:
01274 395521 / 07973518975

Connecting the children of the UK, with the children of Palestine.


  1. The Believers Are But A Single Brotherhood (49:10)

    As the blood of the Muslims ran through the streets of Gaza, tempers frayed, depression entrenched itself in hearts and a sense of helplessness began to penetrate many across the World.

    However, these feelings are alien to the believing heart, as what is decreed by Allah, the believer is content with, and even when he sees the Muslims being tried, for him this sadness in his heart never turns to helplessness. The believer seeks to use his time, effort and resources to benefit the Muslims in need.

    Therefore when the genocide of Gaza began to unfold in December, IslamBradford sought to generate a constructive response, and sought to aid the Muslims there. Recognising one of the greatest victims of the situation were children, IslamBradford established a project; The Little Companions of Palestine.

    This competition sought to educate the children of Bradford, and connect them to the Children of Palestine through a competition; which was warmly welcomed by Shaikh Bakr; Mudarris, Masjid Al Aqsa.

    The competition despite being launched in Bradford, managed to attract interest from; Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, London, Kuala Lumpar, Texas and New York, and entries to the competition have followed.

    This competition closed yesterday, 6th April 2009, and has been one that has evoked many emotions, but moreover really brought home just how the Muslims are able to respond to the commands of Allah, as we know Allah Azza’wajal says;

    And Cooperate with one another in righteousness and piety (5:2)

    We have found the Muslims have responded and thus what started as a random idea after an Isha prayer, caught the imagination of three very special volunteers, who turned the vision into reality. A small team worked day and night to design, launch and administer a campaign to educate Children outside of Palestine on the importance of Palestine and inform the children of Palestine that the children of the Muslims outside of their blessed land, were thinking and working for them. And we ask Allah to accept from them, and every minute they invested.

    Therefore if you have participated in this competition in anyway, from having been a volunteer, from having been an entry coordinator of from having completed an entry in this project, we ask Allah to accept your effort, and reward you with Firdous Al A’laa.

    Winners will be announced on the forthcoming IslamBradford event on Sunday 26th April.

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