Posted by: alqamardesigns | January 18, 2009

A tribute to Sa’ad Mohayuddin

Please make dua for Sa’ad Mohayuddin who died in December 2008, at the mere age of 19 with no cause of death found.

May Allah (swt) grant him light, peace and bliss in his resting place and may He (swt) give his family strngth and patience at this difficult time. Ameen



  1. salaam,
    just wanted to say jzk for this tribute…saad was my cousin…and his loss in my family is felt deeply. the tribute was comforting and upliftng, may Allah swt reward you for your kindness inshallah. ameen.

  2. May Allah SWT grant him jannah InshaAllah.

  3. The tribute is beautiful mashallah, saad would of been very touched. He is missed everyday and always will be.

    Untill we meet again
    Inshallah .

  4. May Allah swt grant him Jannat Inshallah. Your family really miss you.Inshallah we meet in Jannat.Ameen.

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