Posted by: alqamardesigns | November 24, 2008

Pass this on to a Hajji …



I’m in Makkah now, and I just had to send this to you because I know either you or someone you know is going to really benefit from it, in sha Allah.

Its a one page Hajj guide and a one page Umrah guide that I personally designed 12 years ago.  Everyone in my Hajj group gets this, and so I’d also like to share it with you too.

This one page Umrah guide, and one page Hajj guide is going to make your life so easy, in sha Allah. And if you pass it on to someone else, they’ll make loads of dua for you.

Here is the Umrah guide:

Here is the free Hajj guide:

But a warning: make sure you have LOTS of extra copies, cause your friends will be begging for copies!!

(Printing instructions: When you print it, it’ll come out as 2 pages for each guide, those 2 pages need to be back to back. That way the guide will come out to one page, double sided.)

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!

– Muhammad Alshareef

Source: DiscoverULIfe


  1. Dear Alshareef.

    Ur haj guide is not opening, please email me asap, as m goin to perform haj this yr.

  2. Dear wasa


    Please send me some information about the obligation while in the Ihraam, and tell me what and how to prepare before goin for haj.

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