Posted by: alqamardesigns | September 27, 2008

Dua for Every one

Ya Allah:
Most Merciful
Most Generous
Most Gracious
Lord of the worlds
Master of the day of judgment.

Ya Allah:
I start by thanking You for all that You have given me and my family and friends.
For You are indeed Most Generous

Ya Allah:
Please continue to shower us with YourMercy and Blessings.

Ya Allah:
I ask that You grant and fulfil the wants, wishes and desires of all who send and receive this Du’a, their families and
friends wants, wishes and desires.

Ya Allah:
You are All Knowing and therefore know what we desire, want and wish for. Therefore, please make all our needs and desires of that which You have permitted and have made Halaal for us.

Ya Allah:
I also ask for Your protection for myself, my family, my friends and all those who send and receive this Du’a, from all
forms of evil and calamities as well as Your protection to safeguard us all from punishment of the Kabr and
safeguard and protect us from the punishment of Jahannam

Ya Allah:
Always guide us on the right path, and have mercy on us for the sins we have committed – knowingly and un-knowingly and
may commit in the future; for we are indeed weak.

Ya Allah:
Accept from us all those actions that will bring us closer to You.
Accept our Salaah.
Accept our Zakaah.
Accept our Fasting (Saum).
Accept our Pilgrimage (Hajj).
Accept our Tilawat of Quran.
Accept our Du’as.
Accept our intention and help us convert those
intentions into action and deeds; for surely intention alone is not enough.

Ya Allah:
You are our Creator and the Creator of all things, You are the only One who can help us in what we seek and desire.
Please accept and grant this Du’a as well as the other Du’as we make to You. Ameen.

Ya Allah:
Forgive us
Have Mercy upon us
Guide us
Protect us
Grant us the good of this world (Dunya) and of the
hereafter (Akhirat)
Let us live a life of Piety
Broaden our sustenance
Let us not ever be in wanton of anyone but You
Make our income halaal
Grant us Peace
Give us a noble ending
Save us from the punishment of the grave
Make the fire of Jahannam (Hell) haraam for us
Allow us the intersession of the Prophet Muhammad
(PBUH) on the day of reckoning (Ki-yamat)
Allow us to enter each gate of Jannah (Heaven).

Ya Allah:
This we ask of You. We are your servants. Please answer our duaa.

Dua Barakallahu feekum to us and all muslims

“O my soul! It is not, except a few days of patience;
As if the extent were but a few dreams.
O my soul! Pass quickly on through this world;
And leave it, for indeed life lies ahead of it.”



  1. i need more dua

  2. Salam , please can i have this dua in arabic Jazzak Allahu

    • Yes, I also want it in arabic jazak Allahu Khayran ❤

  3. Pls make a dua for me

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