Posted by: alqamardesigns | August 7, 2008

Ramadan Videos…

Dr Abdul Majid – The breif History of Fasting

Dr Abdul Majid – Merits and Innovations of the month of Sha’ban (the month before Ramadan)

Dr Zakir Naik 5 Part series, Ramadan—Ramadan—1

Muhammad Al Shareef – Towards an Outstanding Ramadan

Sh Feiz Muhammad, Advice for last 10 days of Ramadan—Advice-for-Last-10-Days-of-Ramadan

Part 1 of 5 series, Ramadan Knowledge Pack—(All-you-need-to-know)-1/5

Dr Bilal Philips – Ramadan, a way of Life

Ahmad Shebab – Ramadan—What-a-Happy-Life!-Revive-Your-Heart

Yousuf Archambault – Preparing for Ramadan|-Yousuf-Archambault

Sh Hasan Khalil – Preparing for Ramadan—Sh-Hasan-Khalil

Imam Siraj Wahhaj – Ramadan Preparation—Ramadan-Prepration

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