Posted by: alqamardesigns | July 13, 2008

HalfDate Secret of Success

Assalam alaikum

Let me ask you a question.

What happens… if you with 100 thousand other Muslims gave $1 to ONE project at one time?

Suddenly, your $1 made an impact of 100K dollars!

This is no longer a theory…

Muslims from around the world have experience it through is a Sadaqa promotion site.

The name HalfDate is inspired by the hadith of the prophet (SAW), where he said: protect yourself from the fire, even with a half a date donation, and if you can’t, then with a pleasant word.

And now, you are invited to take an active role to help HalfDate grow into the BIGGEST Sadaqa engine on the Net, in-sha-Allah.

How? Simple, the least you can do is to join the mailing list.

Okay, so what’s the secret of success for HalfDate?

The simple answer is learning from the Quran and the Sunnah.

Here are the principles that we’ve learned and applied on

1. Focused volume

At the beginning, I asked you: what happens if you with 100 thousand other Muslims gave $1. But I didn’t stop there. Had I stopped there, it would be called volume, but not FOCUSED.

Focused volume is when a large group of Muslims gives to the same project at the same time.

And that’s what we do on HalfDate. Every month we specify a measurable goal and a deadline within that month.

And we learned this principle from Islam, from all congregational worship, such as Hajj. You perform Hajj with other Muslims, all in the same place and at the same time.

2. Load balancing

Sometimes giving all your money away can’t cover all the needs in your community. So, with HalfDate, the load of your local community is distributed across the Ummah.

And that we learned from the hadith that the believers are like a body, if one organ is sick, the whole body comes to the rescue.

3. Instant gratification

Why is this important? Because Allah, our creator, told us that we are impatient. So, with HalfDate, you know that your contribution makes an immediate difference, unlike other charity work, you may donate $10K to build a masjid and after 5 years, the project still doesn’t have enough funds.

4. Something for everyone

HalfDate drives are not just about donations, because Sadaqa in Islam is a broad concept. With HalfDate, even when you can’t donate half a date, you can still leave a comment as the hadith says a pleasant word.

Also, HalfDate gives you a variety of donation drives, you may help out in a Dua drive or a recycling drive… it all depends on what you are interested in.

5. Grassroots discovery

Remember the story where Abu Bakr (RA) used to check at night on the condition of Muslims? That’s how he discovered who needs what kind of help. Same here, HalfDate discovers projects from the comments that you leave on the site. That’s how we learned about people who shy away from asking.

As in sura al-thariyat and almararij, Allah wants us to give to both, those who ask and those who don’t.

So, if you want to share the success and make an impact with half a date or a pleasant word, join the mailing list at


  1. Thanks for spreading the word. May Allah reward you.

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