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3 Poems on Jannah

Getting Jannah

Getting Jannah is not hard to achieve
All you have to do is be strong and beliveGetting up tp pray at night shouldnt be a fight
cuz you know it will be alriteFasting in Ramadan every day
will make your Iman as bright as the sun rayWearing my hijab as proud as can be
they can say what they want but only Allah can judge me

The prohets example is what we should follow
Or else our heart will be empty and hollow

Read the Quran if youre ever in need
Make Dua and you will surely succeed

Dont get caught up in the game,
fighting for drugs, money and fame
in the end it will it will bring you shame
And hey, THATS LAME!

Getting Jannah is not hard to achieve
All you have to do is ….
( say it all together now)



Everybody in this world has a goal
To reach Jannah and have a heavenly soul

But trying to reach there aint easy
You gotta work hard, stuggle and not be so sleezyYou have to fullfill what youre told to do
Because Allah is always watching YOU

Beware of the Shaitan because hes always trying to keep you down
On the Day Of Judgement your smile might turn into a frown

Be precious and pure
Because His way is the only cure

Reaching Jannah aint easy
Because the pressures are increasing

May Allah guide us all to the right path
And save us all from his wrath.

(together) AMEEN!!!!


Attaining Jannah

Getting Jannah may seem difficult these days
Yet we shouldnt give up because we can get there in many waysMuslims need to be devoted and put aside their greed
Piling up the good deeds and planting this beautiful seedWe need to increase our salat, dhikr and sawn
Lets not forget the Pharohs haridresser with her combAs she boldly stood infront of Pherown and testified her deen
She was brutally beaten and tortured not knowing that in Jannah she truly will be the Queen

Who cares about looking tough and impressing the people
We wont get rewads be wasting our time singing by the Church steeple

Allah Subahanah is most merciful indeed
Work hard in this dunyah and he will fulfill this magnificent creed

The struggle in this life will be worth it in the end
Resisting temptations our Iman will never bend

Rivers flowing of honey, sand filled with pebbles gold and gardens galore
This beautiful creation made for us above the earth, Who could ask for anymore?

Allah promises us Jannah if we obey his commands
Lets drop these flawed pleasures and obey His wonderful demands

So in the end nothing we have in this life will really count,
except for the ajar we have earned so lets work hard, and let these good deed amount!

Allahu Akbar



  1. Thank you , i hope we make it to Jannah Insha’Allah along with our beloved prophet Muhammed pbuh

  2. nice website inshallah in jannah

    • may we make it Jannah and live in eternal Bliss, ameen

  3. I love these poems!! Who worte them??

  4. i love this religion but these days im getting very lazy and i dont do my prayers at all!! im a bit scared of going to hell!!!!:(

    may allah bless all muslim and may allah always take us to straight path.

    • Asalaamualaykum

      Why are you becoming very lazy? That will help you overcome the things that are in your way, if your scared of going to hell – do the things to earn Allahs LOVE and MERCY and FORGIVENESS.. one of the main things – Pray your 5 daily salaats.

  5. salam aleikum
    nao sei como levantar meu iman por favor pesso vossa ajuda enviem me alguns artigos na esperaça de levantar a minha fe

  6. i hope we all go to jannah and not to hell.
    may ALLAH have mercy on us. may he bless each one of you people in the world. inshallah

  7. i hope we all go to jannah and not to hell.
    may ALLAH have mercy on us.

  8. i loved reading those poems

  9. hi sorry i meant salaaamm u do NOT KNOW HOW TO TYPE (:

  10. i really enjoyed reading this poem about jannah and i have learnt a lot from it.

  11. Laibah rana is the best cousin or friend i have ever had in the whole entire world and she will also help me get into jannah. Ameen!!!!!
    May allah have peace upon us and also guide us along the straight path
    to get to jannah we also need to be good and not fight with anyone which falaq and laibah rana never do alsonot sticking our nose in other peoples buisness.

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