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1WORLD. 1UMMAH. 1EID (Eid Al Fitr 2008 Appeal)

Email from Br Jalal Ibn Sa’eed…

As-salaamu ‘Alaikum – Do you remember me?

I pray you are all in the best of health and upon peeks of piety, Ameen.

I am writing you because you when I was calling out to the public to give live on Islam Channel to a worthy cause you were one of the few who opened their hearts and gave either a generous donation or words of comfort and support for the pleasure of your Lord. Here I am calling out again hoping you will once again open your hearts and give again either a donation or carry the words, the message on to others. This time it is for a joyous occasion insha’Allah.

Eid is around the corner and we are planning and preparing now. It is so important that we succeed in achieving THREE simple goals.

1. Eid prayer be held away from the masjid (This is the correct method for Eid prayer)

2. Women (majority of them) are invited to join us for Eid prayer as commanded by the sunnah

3. Give the children an exciting, fun and adventurous celebration, one they will never forget.
(its sad our kids love religious celebrations of other faiths because our Eid is boring for them)

We need as much collected as possible by the end of July so we can secure a venue, book the massive marquees which serve as an outdoor prayer hall as well as a later stage tent for nasheeds / lectures and other activities, fun fair rides, bouncy castles, security and all the rest that is needed to make the above THREE a reality.

Please give a lot because it is going to take a lot –

I am hoping that with this email I will be able to convince at least ten blessed believers to donate £1000+, another ten £500+, and as many people to give at least £100 each. If you don’t and I don’t make this happen then who will? We are Allah’s believers, His grateful servants. Besides, I have a really good feeling about writing you and I really think you will definitely do your part because I am doing mine. In fact, my family says I am doing the part of many who for some reason or other have not done their part. I need your help and the Muslim is a supporting brick to another.

Did you know we launched this event last year and it was a huge success? We set a park up as described for about 3 thousand Muslims but we were surprised and overwhelmed by over 12 thousand Muslims. Have you seen the 1Eid DVD? Order your copy today or if you make a sincere donation then request a free copy be sent to you so you can watch how incredible it was and how thousands of children were over the moon and said they would never forget 1Eid 2007.

This is reviving the Sunnah and it is a sadaqah Jariyyah to benefit us all and our long gone loved ones, even those we didn’t know. It is very important for us to engage in such a public event to share our celebrations with those who are not Muslim (yet) so that they may get to know us and see us for whom we are and not what the media portrays insha’Allah. There is so much I want to tell you but I don’t want to carry on until you write back and tell me what you think about this project 1Eid.

I also want you to ask me about ECC (Eid Celebration Committee) which is being launched this August in central London at a dinner gala with Sheikh Salim al Amry and Sheikh Bilal Philips. Many more will be present and many presentations as well as speeches will be delivered insha’Allah so it will be a night you will not want to miss. We are working hard to unite the Eid in this country and hope to do so with your continuous help and support. Email and ask about tickets to this dinner which is not only going to revive a major Sunnah but also impact the nation.

I challenge you to do your part by not only giving as much as you can but also by helping us promote 1Eid with your friends and family. I so badly need you to speak to them because I have no contact with them except through you. If you do not speak to them on my behalf then they cannot know nor can they gain the rewards of this Sunnah revival. Words cannot express how major this is and how exciting it is and I have too many words but I want you to ask for them.


Jalal ibn Sa’eed
0208 429 0001

Also ask about:

1. Being part of it (volunteer)
2. Sponsoring (your company exposed to thousands)
3. The Pre Eid Dinner Gala
4. Brother Ameen’s Dream – he passed away at age 26 on Dec 1st 2007, after last eid: [We miss him every day and we ask Allah to grant him paradise, ameen]
5. The Project

Donation Options:

1. Prayer area set up for 10 thousand worshipers (£3 per person)
(How many prayer spaces will you sponsor?)

2. Gift bags for children – £2 per bag per child
(last year we gave away 500 blue gift bags and 500 pink)
(they deserve to smile on eid with a wonderful bag full of surprises on Eid)

3. Gift bags for Adults – £3 per bag per adult
(last year we gave away 3 thousand gift bags)

4. Breakfast on Eid – £3 per person
(last year we gave free breakfast to over 2 thousand)
(sisters did not have to stay home and cook for the men)

5. Sponsored Free fun fair rides – £1 per person per ride
(last year we gave away hundreds of free rides)

6. Prizes for children who are Hafith Qur’an £100 minimum each prize
(last years prizes were a laptop, toys and two electric motorbikes)

Please give a lot because it is going to take a lot –

* If you have a company and would like to gain incredible exposure by having a 12 foot banner saying Eid Mubarak from (business name) then get in touch for a company sponsor pack insha’Allah.


  1. I can’t believe this happend here in the UK and they actually celebrated Eid in such a beautiful manner!

    This is how ‘Eid should be every year, in every city, in every community!

    May Allah unite the Muslims upon the sunnah to work together to make such an ‘Eid possible, {ameen}

    **Allahu Akbar**

  2. Ma’Shallah its absolutely beautiful…Inshallah i pray we all celebrate Eid in the most beautiful manner.Ameen.

  3. My understanding is the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) led the Eid prayers in the musallah which was outside Medina and it was performed in an open and uncovered space. I did not find in any hadith or other evidence(s) that he led the Eid prayers in the musallah that was covered, like a tent/marquee: which was commonly available in the Prophets era.


  4. Asssalaamu ‘Alaikum,

    I pray you are all in the best of health and upon peaks of piety, ameen.

    The sunnah of Eid is to pray it out in the open away from the Masajid. It is to be prayed in an open area large enough to cater to all the Muslims in that surrounding town or area. In an authentic hadith the prophet ‘Alayhi Salaatu wa Salaam offered the Eid prayer inside a masjid or a venue if the weather was harmful or if it was raining. He also advised elders and those who would be harmed to come out that they could establish the Eid prayer enclosed. This was also the case with the four kalifs who followed. This is the understanding of the AhlusSunnah wal Jama’ that if it is harmful to pray in the open we can cover. It is better to pray in a Marquee in the open Park than it is to pray inside a Masjid.

    If it rains and people will be harmed it is better to pray Eid even in the Masjid. May Allah reward you for your question and may He keep you sincere to always seek the truth about the deen and us all, ameen.

    wa salaamu ‘alaikum


    وإن كان عذر يمنع الخروج من مطر أو خوف أو غيره صلوا في الجامع كما روى أبو هريرة أنه أصابهم مطر في يوم عيد فصلى بهم النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم صلاة العيد في المسجد رواه أبو داود وابن ماجة

    “If there is an excuse preventing one from going out such as in the rain or out of fear or similar reasons, then pray in the Masjid as has been reported from Abu Hurayrah that they found difficulty due to the rain on the Day of `Eid so the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) established their `Eid prayer in the Masjid. This has been reported from Abu Dawud and Ibn Maajah.”

    Ibn Qudamah says:

    ويستحب للإمام إذا خرج أن يخلف من يصلي بضعفة الناس في المسجد كما فعل علي رضي الله عنه

    “It is Mustahabb that when he goes (to the Musalla) that he designate someone for prayer for the weak in the Masjid as was done by `Ali (رضي الله عنه).”

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