Posted by: alqamardesigns | June 4, 2008

Have I?! by Bint Suleman

…In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficent the Most Merciful…

Have I sewn the seed
of a good deed
planted trees of musk
refrained from lust
Have I shown love
to the One above
Have I controlled my desire
to reach a status that is Higher

Have I lived the Sunnah
to dream of Jannah
Have I set my soul free
from Shaytaan hurting me
Have I cried and used a tear
making death my greatest fear
Have I seen through the wrong
enjoining good all along

Have I made the Qur’an my goal
cleansing my soul
Have I shown kindness to my parents
performed Hajj going to Mina tents
Have I showed gratitude to my Lord
making Eemaan as my greatest Sword
Have I abstained from the Haraam
managing my anger till I’m calm
Have I remained patient and persevered

as calamity’s neared
Have I responded to the call of prayer
living life as a stranger
Have I questioned my actions
about making transactions
Have I indulged in gossip
or gave backbiters a tip

Have I given to those in need and deprivation
spreading my wealth beyond the nation
Have I hated the Dunya and its delusions
or forgot that the beauty that it contains are only illusions
Have I lived to say
I did pray..

Have I made it easy and clear
that the Akhirah is more dear
Have I really sewn the seed
of a good deed..
Before its too late..

.: Bint Suleman :.


  1. Mashaallah
    You’ve covered so much and with style.
    Its a good reminder of a Muslim’s purpose in life.
    Fi amaani llah

  2. TabarakAllah! Yes our sister Bint Suleman wrote a lovely poem here – a great REMINDER.

    May Allah reward her and her family.

  3. How do you write poems, is there a regestraition?

  4. Mashaallah, lovely poem x

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