Posted by: alqamardesigns | May 8, 2008

The Story of Abu Qudama & the Young Boy

This is a heart wrenching story narrated by Abu Qudama, a 10th century Muslim general from Iraq, about a young man called Muhammad who devoted his whole life to the cause of Islam – fulfilling his vow to his widowed mother to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a warrior, fighting for the sake of Allah to defend the weak. This talk by Bilal Assad takes us through the sequence of events in which Abu Qudama is introduced to this young man, and how his shining example of bravery and faith in Allah carried him through to his very last breath when he fell as a martyr.

This was extracted from the lecture ‘Those who desire Paradise‘.

[Video by youtuber kibrisezan]

This same story has also been narrated by our brother Murtaza Khan, taken from the lecture “Those Who Yearn For Jannah.mp3“.

[Video by youtuber AnN00R]


  1. Mashallah, definitely recommend listening to Bilal Assad’s Those Who Desire Paradise talk. It’s worth listening again as well; actually, we should make it an effort to listen to most of the lectures more than once for it Insha Allah will not only be considered dhikr but it serves as a reminder.

  2. Really good point br, Jazak Allah Khair, we need constant reminders, being Insan we easily forget.. may Allah keep us steadfast upon His Deen

  3. Mashallah, wht a lecture, brings tearsm to my eyes everytime i listen to it! What a great story. A point to reflect and learn for all of use

  4. Can someone tell me whwrw I can find on the interenet this story but to read not lisen

    Assalamu aleykum

  5. mashaAllah barakallah.

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