Posted by: alqamardesigns | January 20, 2008

Our Ultimate Goal


I’m currently reading a book called In pursuit of Allah’s Pleasureby Dr Naahah Ibrahim, Asim Abdul Maajid, & Esaam-ud Deen Darbaalah. Mashaa’Allah, so far it has been very beneficial… Chapter 1 discusses, “Our Ultimate Goal” – where the author/s went into great detail why we are here, and our mission in life. Below is the concluding paragraphs from this chapter, that I would like to share, which subhaanAllah really gives great hope to the Muslims who are striving hard to live by Islaam in accordance to the Sunnah:

“Muslims, this is your objective which you should do your best to achieve. The means to this are to dedicate devotion to Allah alone, with complete sincerity and to strive to attain the true following of the Prophet (S).

Were you to strive to this end and travel this path, you must expect to live amongst people as a stranger because most of them have become lost from the true path. It is inevitable for the people of truth to feel estranged in the midst of people of falsehood like the enstrangement of light in complete darkness. The Prophet (S) said: “Islam began as something strange, as shall become strange once again. So glad tiding to the strangers..” [Muslim]

People of this life compete for money and influence, fame and power. They consider this world their only abode, and the end of their journey. It is their sole objective, which they strive hard to attain. As for the people of the hereafter, they are strangers in this life. The Prophet (S) said: “Be in this life as though you were a stranger, or a wayfarer” [Bukhari]

The heart of a stranger or wayfarer can hardly pay attention to anything, other than his home, and final destination

Allah says (in the interpretation,of the meaning): “For Al Mitaqun (The Pious), there are Gardens with their Lord, underneth which rivers flow. Therein (is there) eternal home…” [Sural Ale-Imran, 15]”

May Allah make us amongst those who choose this path, and make it to our true home, Jannah. Ameen.


  1. Ameen. It’s true: trying to adhere to our true purpose and avoiding the temporary pleasures of this world puts those people in the category of strangers. Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki talks about in his lecture, A Walk in Paradise, about the value of this world. Given a person lives 100 years, comparing that to infinity = 0. Yet the Prophet (saas) at least gave the dunya the value of a wing of a mosquito; if it were two then the mosquito could fly… So, we must inshallah strive to do our best in this world and give both the dunya and akhira their adequate times. Money isn’t going to go with us in the graves; yet we cannot simply sit and ask Allah (swt) to hand us everything without playing our part. There has to be a balance.

  2. mashAllah.. thankyou for the reminder, JazaakAllahu khairan. may Allah make us amongst those who see this life for what it truley is and keep that balance in propotion.

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