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Dua for when leaving Home


Bismillah, Tawakkaltu, ‘a-lallah, wa laa hawla wa laa quwatta illah billah

(In the name of Allaah, I place my trust in Allaah, and there is no might nor power except with Allaah)

The Messenger of Allah (sa) said: Whoever says – upon going out of his home (the above duaa) it is said to him: You have been sufficed, protected, and guided, and the shaytan would move aside from him, then say to another shaytan: What access do you have to a man that has been guided, sufficed, and protected?” (Reported by Abu dawood, An-Nisa’ee , and At-Tirmithi)

Excellent Website: Authentic Supplications of the Prophetsaws.gif


  1. Alhamdulilah..i found this site.!
    this could be my first time browse this site.i wish,this could be increase my Iman get beter…AMIEN..Yarobbal alamin

  2. Ameen my sister, may Allah bless you and your family, and may He Subhanahu wa ta’ala increase our Emaan.

    Thankyou for your comment, JazakAllahu khairan, may Allah accept from us and you

  3. Asalamo alaykom

    I like your site very much ,but i have a question can i write on this site or can i be a member ,and what do you think if we can we work together wa jazaki llah kayran

  4. Wa’alaykum asalaam Nadhir,

    Thankyou for your comment, JazaakAllahu khairan.

    MashAllah, please email us how to write on this site… and we can discuss how we can work together fesabeelillah!

  5. its a very good website and i hope that all muslims come together and work for islam…. ALLAH (SWT) is the most merciful and kind.

  6. MasyAllah, I found this duaa in your website, complete with Arabic, spelling, translation and video.
    May Allah SWT reward you in this dunya and akhera.

    Jazakallah khoir.

  7. sisters and brothers visit its agreat place to learn our religion based on authentic sunnah of the prophet mohammed s.a.w and the holy koran. all what we need to be guided to the path of Allah. and may Allah guide us all. ameen

    Your sister in islam

  8. sisters and brothers also check on (koran-miracle .com by Zaid Ghazzawi ). sorry was not able to post that site here , so you just type the way i typed with the brothers name, and inshaAllah you will find it.
    its a great site mashaALLAH.
    This website shows how to make discoveries and inventions by pondering upon the verses of the last revelation of Allah (God) to people ( The Quran).

    PLEASE help me to spread this beneficial sites to other sisters and brothers .

    as salam aleikum

  9. mashAllah like your website too :* ), and definetly it will include in my favourite and most beneficial site lists for learning about our religion and spreading it to others inshaAllah .
    may Allah reward you sis for your hard work . great video , very beneficial ! mashaAllah

  10. allah humsabko hidayit de ameen…..

  11. i like this website they are learn for new thing about islam

  12. i like this website they are learning for you new thing about islam

  13. YO PEEPS
    I like this site its really cool and you can learn a lot of useful info.
    Thanks for making it!

  14. I don’t understand a thing!
    Why cant they do a simple duaa stating bathroom manners

  15. Assallamua Alaikum warahmatullah
    Mashallahm Alhamdullilah I found this site.
    I’ve learn alot from this site, And i pray that all muslims male anf female to join hands and fight for islam

  16. It is such a great website for young children to learn what Islam I really about

  17. Alhamdulilah i found this site.

  18. Sup

  19. Alhamdurilla I found this site…this is really great for young and old to learned what is ISLAM really all about…Keep up the goodwork!

  20. I ned all dow in my no is 0509641512

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