Posted by: alqamardesigns | August 6, 2007

My Hero | Umm Umar

This is a poem called “My Hero” submitted by Umm Umar, a student at SunnahFollowersNet – It won second prize, mashaAllah. May Allah reward her and all those who love the Prophet Muhammad (s):

[Video by StickToTheSunnah]

He is the star of all stars
Special of all special ones, that no man can surpass

His name is Muhammed (saas), sent as a messenger
Everyone knew him, he was not a stranger

He was a human being, just like you and me
God chose him as a messenger, that was His decree

He was a father, a teacher with pure mind
God sent him as a mercy for mankind

The more I read about this special man
The more I realise my insight has just begun

He is humble and never greedy
Always thinks of the orphans and the needy

He is my teacher, my perfect example, my hero
Yearning to immulate him – I gaze into the mirror

He is the man with the best manners
From him, I have learnt how to control my anger

Changing my personality, referring to him as my example
Always being gentle, kind and patient to all people

He brought me from darkness into the light
And that from a man who couldn’t read nor write

Loving him and following the perfect example of my teacher
Is my guiding principle for the future


  1. Mash’Allah sister Um Umar is so talented. This is truly beautiful. May Allah reward her. ameen.

  2. MashAllah she sure is, Alhamdulillah. Ameen, may Allah reward you for you kind comment

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